Rewriting my road trip app

This is another rehash post where I mention an app I wrote poorly to try to improve my life and we discuss why it was bad and how I’ve totally rewritten it. I guess this is what I do in my free time so that I don’t do it professionally. Rewriting an entire app in the latest greatest framework at work is generally a bad thing.

Meal planner, revisited

About a year ago I wrote about screen scraping the BBC Good Food website. That turned out to be a lot harder than I initially thought and needless to say there’s so much ambiguity in the data people are able to enter on there that I gave up.

Stop trying to make fetch happen, or why I take issue with fixation on Google

Recently my dad emailed me the following news article.

Learning the cello

At age 9 I started the clarinet. My eldest sister started the flute several years before, my middle sister started the saxophone, so the final non-double reeded woodwind instrument fitted the pattern. At age 11 I started the saxophone. They’re fairly similar, in fact parts of them use the same finger patterns to create the same notes. I also started the piano which took more brain power but soon fitted in. At age 16 I was doing A level music so got a free music lesson with the local music service. At this time I’d already switched to private lessons given they provided better quality, so I picked up a new instrument - the cello.

Microbit battleship

I’m pretty much done with my microbit implementation of Battleship.