On this page I’m listing the talks I’ve given.

Increasing the bus factor


A talk on scalable training of teams of all sizes, particularly those using or intending to use cloud native technologies.

Engineering a continuous delivery pipeline/CD with kubernetes/Don’t hate the player hate the pipeline.

Gave this talk at Kubernetes London, DevOps Days Edinburgh, Devops with Kubernetes and Internally. Topic being our continuous delivery solution at Ocado Technology.

Kubernetes with Python

Gave this talk at Cambridge Python User Group and London Python. Subject was learning Kubernetes from a python dev perspective, covering basic concepts and how to work with the API. Additional resources which I failed at presenting due to docker/minikube issues at London Python :(

The automated sheet music librarian

I gave this talk at EMF Camp 2016 and Cambridge Python User Group topic being my final year project mahogany/muselib/I’m bad at naming things