Mobile optimisation

Dear App Developers, Web developers, Anyone who wants me to engage,

Mobile optimisation is not optional. Making an app where most of the pages are in the app but your signup and password reset pages link to your main website and I have to zoom in to fill out your information is more irritating than if you’d not done an app and left the website unoptimised.

We live in a world where a large proportion of web traffic no longer comes from laptops or desktops, and if you’re too lazy to do mobile optimisation, whether that’s making a native app, having your site scale down or having an isomorphic web app I can use offline, then I’m too lazy to hack my way through using your app or website.

Your idea is worth more than subjecting crappy user experience on your users, if you truly believe in the idea, stop presuming I’ll want to do crap like this:

Thanks, Charlo