Christmas lights

For the TL;DR of this blog post, check out the hashtags #bariSaxXmasLights and #bassClarinetXmasLights on twitter

New years day project - Travel mapping (again)

Around about summer of 2017 I tried to get going on making my side project, a travel planning app, slightly more professional. I learned how to use which is a great service for doing this sort of thing and started to try shifting from a database sqlite file I would change, upload and download from now to a managed or else better deployed service.

Go, revisited?

I’ve had a few people ask if I was ever going to add to my last blog post about my feelings on Go.

Go, month 1

Around 3 weeks ago I switched job, and am now wading my way through learning a new codebase, zfs and other storage systems, data science and as this blog post’s title would suggest, Go.

Tech Days Online

I was invited to speak about Container Orchestration at Microsoft Tech Days Online today. It was a lot of fun, there were some interesting points made and a good day overall. Thanks a lot to Gabriel for organising and for all the Microsoft cohort at the reactor for being so lovely all day :)