Laughing at failure

About 6 months ago I was working on a feature of our pipeline - deleting old resources. Just before I started the ticket, my colleague and I were discussing adding testing to our bash scripts, something that seemed daunting and painful to both of us. We pushed it under the rug and said “nah, let’s just try it and then see what happens”.

Piwars: retrospective

A few weeks back Amy and I competed in PiWars. I’m actually pretty proud we did it, and Amy’s decoration got a lot of compliments and mentions during the day (I basically just said “cut a board, do some stuff around the forest fighters theme” which was the title she’d picked). I had a definite #ProudMentor moment when a dad and his daughter of a similar age to Amy came by to “ask the experts” about them doing the same thing.

PiWars, A Mentor's Prologue

Around March of this year I volunteered at my first PiWars. This is a competition ran every year in Cambridge by the ever fantastic Mike Horne (@recantha) and Tim Richardson(@geeky_tim).

Continuous delivery at work

This is a sort of writeup of my talk given at DevOps Days Edinburgh this week. I’ve reordered some of what I said in the talk since this is a blog post. Slides are here

Testing in Python

I commonly get asked questions around testing and test driven development in Python. Here’s some collated tips I’ve been doing for a while. If anyone has any specific questions or additions to these, please give me a tweet (@charwarz).