A blog about blogging

Today’s blog is about as meta as you can get. Yesterday my friend asked me for tips on how to write good. I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer, but I did and I sounded clever, so I thought I’d share some tips.


I was reading this article today on Zed Shaw’s tear down of why Python 3 is actually an inside job. He doesn’t seem to understand typing so I thought I’d draw a diagram again.

Mobile optimisation

Dear App Developers, Web developers, Anyone who wants me to engage,

PyQt and other monsters: a deep dive into GUIs and packaging python apps

One of the big bad and ugly things about python is that the vast majority of scripts don’t have (or in fact, need) a GUI. This means if you dig a little under the surface and try to write a GUI or package an app for people who don’t want or need python on their machine, it’s easy to get put off by the mess that’s under there and the lack of other people there are to moan at get help from.

Red green refactor

During my talk at CamPUG, someone asked me a question about my unit tests. “When you tested this did you do it the right way, i.e TDD style of writing the test, getting it to pass then modifying the code, or…?” And I guess I kind of lied.