Public speaking week

A few months ago I went to my first Cambridge Python User Group. On this particular occasion the talk was on creating a B compiler which I found fascinating. The evening ended with, as is usual for CamPUG, going to the pub, but also Tibs attempting to cajole everyone in the room into signing up for a talk. Given I still had slides from the Raspberry Pi party in March, I signed up my Final Year Project as a talk topic. And then a few months later, I submitted it as a talk at EMF Camp, hoping it would get accepted but not being entirely sure anyone would turn up.

Planning a trip

Over the last few months, the plan for what I’m doing for my summer holiday has changed quite a bit. I started out planning to go to Yellowstone with my parents. Then I expanded that trip to nip and see a friend in LA, and a friend in San Francisco. Decided I didn’t fancy seeing Yoghi bear quite yet for various reasons, so backed out.

Opensourcing my Final Year Project - a lesson in python versions

TLDR: here’s the binaries/installers for my final year project. I’d appreciate people having a click through:

Do I use an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi?

I commonly get asked the above question by friends who want to get into hardware prototyping for the first time and have a project idea. I thought I’d share my input and show the questions I normally ask in the form of a flow chart. Some notes based on feedback:

Building and testing for multiple platforms

When I graduated from Hull, I set myself a target that I would open source my project by Christmas. At the time I was ready to release the first chunk as a python package and did so here. I should note to anyone else who’s at university and thinking of open sourcing their projects that in general, you should ask your university first because technically, they own the project.